A new era of test bed solutions. For a sustainable future for your manufacturing process.

There are many types of test stands. We know this from experience. However, our experience has shown us what is really important in the field of testing driveshaft systems. For decades now, we have bundled our competences, our know-how and most importantly our passion for non-everyday solutions in test stands of a new generation.


The foundation of our work in a performance-oriented future lies in our philosophy - which we have immortalized in our company name: Technologies, Tools and Solutions form an extraordinary unity which fully tap our employees’ potential and influences others. Without frictional loss and with many additional possibilities.


The focus of every project is always on the specific task - with the aim of developing and delivering your individually perfect solution. Cost-effective, economical and powerful. And realized in no time! So your business can benefit from the new generation of high-efficiency test-stand solutions as quickly as possible!

New in the team David Sturm

More news from our team:

Our "youngest" admittee is David Sturm and he has been active in back office finance/ controlling at Tectos since the 22nd of May 2017. "In addition to a challenging task, it is always important to me that the company I work for represents certain values such as a sense of loyalty, team spirit and transparency with one another," says David, explaining his motivation for working at Tectos. In his spare time, David likes to play the drums, do calisthenics, and if he has enough time left over, read a good book.


  • 19. – 21. September 2017

automotive testing expo China
Shanghai, China

  • 24. – 26. October 2017

automotive testing expo North America
Novi, Michigan, USA