A team consisting of the best minds.

Everyone who founds a company has their mission statement, so it comes as no surprise that we have one of our own. Ours is “It doesn’t get any better than this!” This is in no way an exaggerated form of self-praise. It is the end result of a team of purely passion-driven Technicians and professionals. Every day we commit to our products and projects, as well as our newly born ideas and visions. 


To make it short, we live what we do 100%. This motivation and drive affects all of our employees, and more often than not, even rubs off onto our clients as well. We have connected with clients from all over the world thanks to the “Out of the Box” thinking our business strategy has adapted to. 


Our secret? We don't only want to set new standards throughout the industry in outstanding service, but we also want to continue innovating internally. A pleasant and flexible work environment motivates our employees, and results in the exemplary performance we have come to be known for. In short, tectos is continually driven by the individual employee freedom it provides. 

"He who only thinks of himself, has difficulties. Yet he who thinks of others, has a mission."


Dr. Dieter Höfler
Executive board