New Developments in Stuttgart

No matter if innovative measurement systems or product developments - the tectos booth were the place to be in Stuttgart!

The visitors of Automotive Testing Expo Europe in Stuttgart showed a great deal of interest in the product range and further developments tectos were exhibiting this year: shafts, couplings, docking systems and many more were presented 

The scope of exhibits were complemented by the latest developments: tFender and tSmart-OBM 5.0

tFender means measurement and realtime-simulation in only one device. This modular system - from data acquisition to a real-time analysis platform - detects changes of products ahead of time - and might even enforce an automatic stop through the automation in order to avoid damage on products.

The second new development is tSmart-OBM 5.0, which is an All-In-One Real-Time Measurement System for Gaseous in Particle Emissions.. It is expected to be the most accurate, easy to use and universally applicable mobile emission lab. It even fits in the trunk of a car - with no need to further preparation of the test car.

Many visitors took the chance to talk to the tectos' specialists or to see the demonstration of tSmart-OBM 5.0. on the tectos R&D vehicle.