We keep everything in our sight.
Everything from the big to the very smallest detail.

Cost efficiency and rapid processing are always the focus of our services.


In order to implement these premises in the design of shaft joints for entire test areas, our team of experts has considered the following:


In line with our special approach to the spirit of research and innovation, we have developed very special optimization tools to ensure flawless and smooth tests - from development to simulation and optimization to on-site measurements.



Depending on the task, the necessary physical boundary conditions are routinely defined (for example: mass inertia, stiffness, support loads, rotational speeds, etc.) in order to ensure safe operation. Throughout this phase, simulations (TVA, FEM, Realtime, Matlab) are used.


According to our interpretations, the first design is constructed and tested on the basis of simultaneous engineering with the aforementioned simulation methods provided in the process (such as FEM), and if necessary, also optimized. The focus here is, of course, on observing the physical boundary conditions, but also maintaining a strict focus on the durability, material selection, the surfaces and many more variables.