Gearbox Dummies & Separator Couplings

Modern drive systems often contain very complex gearbox solutions which strongly influence the behavior of the internal combustion engine. On the one hand, motors require gearing as a support, yet on the other hand, original gearboxes tend to falsify test results or restrict test operations by a considerable margin.


For example, motors with automatic transmissions can be strongly influenced by the properties of torque converter measurement results, and thus can only be used through considerable effort on the test stand.


To prevent this, separate gearbox dummies were developed, which in the simplest cases consist of a supported drive shaft. More complex test requirements, however, also necessitate more complex solutions, such as an integrated separating device.


The separate coupling tPIA also includes integrated electronic bearing temperatures, along with active speed and vibration monitoring. It enables mechanical separation of the drive train during operation without losing specific measured values.

tEVA110 Compact Gearbox Dummy

tPIA Separator Coupling

tLEA Modular Gearbox Dummy